Enhance & Renew

Let Cebu Stoneenhance or renew your next commercial building job with our innovative line of durable thin veneer products. It is now possible to cost-effectively add the textured look of architectural block and antique stone to a variety of substrates without the expense of additional footings. Whether you are a distributor, contractor, designer or building owner, Cebu Stone can add value to your business, speed to your construction and profit to your bottom line.

“We installed over 10,000 feet [of Cebu Stone] and … it is a wonderful product.”   -Byron Dixon, Dixon Plastering, LLC

Accutab system

Cebu Stone’s AccuTab System is incorporated into each stone for an efficient and accurate installation.


All of our products are lightweight by design, cast from original masonry units and exceed ASTM standards for thin masonry veneers.


Comes in a standard gray so you can paint brand colors on for your custom look.