Our AccuTab Set System increases installation efficiency up to 400%, over traditional veneer systems, saving time and money. Our core product is the 8″ x 16" Splitface Block. Corner blocks are also available. Ask about matching window sills.

Our production process insures the highest quality product is delivered to your job site consistently and on time.

Cebu Stone is continually developing new profiles to accommodate our customer’s needs and design challenges. 

Cebu Stone has been deeply involved in the concrete product and masonry industry for over 35 years.  We are aware of the challenges and have real solutions to address your specific needs.  Each project has its unique set of obstacles but in the end, providing a positive experience for your customer and making the highest profit possible will truly define our success.

Cebu Stone is engineered with this in mind.  Our products are designed to work for you to improve efficiency, increase project completion times, and put the building into use and generating revenue sooner.